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Kontakt Libraries

Kontakt Libraries Course 

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In this course you will learn how to get the most out of your samples, build custom libraries, and display how it can really change your music.

Samples are a huge market of how musicians today create music, which means many people are purchasing the same sample libraries, thus more people are sounding the same. 

Recording your own instruments, sounds, and strange objects can create an awesome impact on how your music sounds. It also enhances your sense of creativity, and originality.


- Includes 4 sample libraries and recordings.

- Build your own sample libraries.

- Layering sounds.

- Cinematic Sounds.

- Tips on creating samples, what to look for in a sound, what microphones.

- Blending Samples into music.


- A copy of Kontakt 5

- Have a DAW available (Reaper. ProTools, Logic, Cubase, ect.)

- Capability to record audio (Recommended).