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Wwise Game Audio Course 

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- 10 Game Projects in Unreal Engine 4 and Unity.

- Understand how audio works in different styles of games.

- Audio for cinematic cutscenes.

- Dynamic music for games.

- Includes over 150 original sound effects and music.

- Many additional resources to make sure you know the basics in order to understand the course.

- Full hands-on guided projects you can use for your portfolio.

- Tips on Designing your own sounds, what gear, and what software.


- Capable of using a DAW (ProTools, Logic, Cubase, Reaper, ect.)

- Beginner level experience with Unreal Engine or Unity.

- Computer specs for running a game engine (graphical settings can be changed for better performance.

- Capability to record audio (Recommended).


Promo Video

(Promo Video Coming 2020!)

This video will overview what you'll get with this course and see all there is to offer in the Wwise Game Audio course.

A lot of work has gone into providing the best hands-on experience possible, allowing students to practice and have all the tools necessary.


In this course you will learn Wwise audio Integration for Unreal Engine and the Unity Engine. 

This will help you understand how to work with the general Unreal Engine and Unity functions to add audio. Audio middleware such as Wwise will then be implemented. 

There will be many topics looked over such as adding dynamic music, procedural sound effects, cinematics, gameplay interactions, and much more.